Pasolini’s Medea: Crime and Punishment

For our latest story with Kaila, Ymke and Sebastien we’ve been looking at ancient Greek theatre and costuming. We’re also inspired by Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Medea, the 1969 rendering of the Greek myth, in which Jason returns from his quest for the Golden Fleece with Medea, the powerful and ruthless sorceress of Colchis. Their marriage goes bad, and Jason banishes her, after which she wreaks a terrible revenge.

The film was shot the open air museum of Göreme, Turkey, and stars opera singer Maria Callas. However the real stars of this movie are the wild Turkish landscapes and locations, the fantastic, elaborate costumes and the sound design, including haunting choral singing and prehistoric instruments.

Medea really is a trip back in time, to an age of myth, Gods and Monsters. It is available on dual-format DVD, and stuffed with extras; a good investment!


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