Our story in WonderWaan 50

Many years ago I co-edited 3 yearly issues of Waen Sinne, a magazine loosely based on Weird Tales, containing work of some of the best writers of fantastic fiction of the Netherlands (and myself). The proceeds of the magazine were for the Paul Harland Award, in itself a strong drive in developing writing talent in the fantastic genre in the country. With a main prize of €1000 it is one of the biggest awards in the world for fantastic fiction, and I am honoured to have been a jury member myself one year.

Out of Waen Sinne grew WonderWaan, first as supplement with the long-running Dutch magazine Holland-SF, since several years an independent magazine. It has now reached its 50th issue, and when one of its editors asked whether we wanted to contribute something to it, we did not hesitate. I threw in an illustration too!

Our story, “Prettige kerstdagen, mijnheer Melmoth” is the closing story in the 150 page collection. It can be ordered in hardcopy for €4.36 at Amazon.de or downloaded for free via the WonderWaan webpage.


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